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E.F. International SA benefited from a unique experience in the atmospheric electricity field since the beginning of the 1970s. In 1982, E.F. patented the E.F. Carrier System of Lightning Protection which ensures the lightning protection required by the modern world since this system integrates the E.F. Lightning Carrier that conveys lightning in an electrically hermetic way. The E.F. Lightning Terminal uses the ESE technology.
The E.F. Lightning Protection system is the only lightning protection system manufactured with a Quality Assurance System witch meets the Swiss Standards SN 029 100 Category A, and is ISO 9001 rated, a standard which includes design/development, production, installation and servicing.
The structure of the E.F. Lightning Carrier down conductor ensures the safe conveyance of lightning current from the terminal to the ground without "sideflashing" and "skin effect" which are hazardous to the structure and equipment inside the structure to be protected. It is the only lightning conductor that has incorporated the Transient Absorption Technology (TAT), screening the electromagnetic field due to lightning discharges.
Capacitance of the E.F. Lightning Carrier to withstand the high voltage of lightning is certified by the manufacturer, NEXANS. The E.F. Lightning Carrier is flame-retardant and halogen free allowing internal installation.
E.F.'s track record of local installations is a proof of the system's superiority over other brands. E.F. has become a byword in the lightning protection industry, protecting high-rise structures, plants, telecommunication towers, golf courses, etc.
In the most lightning-prone countries of the world, its comprehensive network of Licensees is supported by fully qualified professionals with extensive hands-on experience and expertise, a well-trained staff and an efficient sales network.
  To contact us: info@ef-international.ch